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Malia Tours Indonesia

Malia Tours is based in Palu, Central Sulawesi of Indonesia and was founded in 2010 by one of the experienced and reputable Indonesian tour and birding guides, Nurlin Djuni whose unique broad smiles and friendliness always bring positivity to everyone near him. Humble and kindhearted are the first impressions people would get when meeting the man besides his extensive knowledge of anything  related to birding, tours and locations throughout Indonesia.

Malia is taken from the name of an endemic medium-sized (approximately 29 cm long) babbler-like passerine bird from Indonesiarestricted to the montane forests of Sulawesi.

Nurlin Djuni, The Founder of Malia Tours with his son Wallace Junior

Company Legality Info

Legal identity: CV. MALIA TOURS
Commercial identity: Malia Tours
Year of establishment: 2010
Authorized by:
Department of Law and and Human Rights of Rebublic of Indonesia
Authorization Number: C-478.HT.03.01478.HT.03.01.TH.2006
Registered Number of Company (TDP): 190537902771
Authorized Permit Number of Company (SIUP):
Registered Number of Tourism office in Palu:
Tax Identification Number (NPWP): 03.115.511.2-831-000
Founder/CEO: Nurlin Djuni


Bank Payments:

Name of Bank : PT. Bank Mandiri,Tbk
(Persero), KC Palu – Sam Ratulangi
Beneficiary Name :
Account Number : 151-00-0606059-1
Swift code : BMRIIDJA
Address of Bank:
Jl. Sam Ratulangi, 60 Palu – Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

PayPal Payments:

Account Holder: Stenly Mamengko
Email: bantikdesigns20@gmail.com