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Palu – Central Sulawesi

We offer up to 21 days birding trips in Indonesia, such as follows:

2 to 3 days birding in Tangkoko, and 7 Days birding in the North Sulawesi

A week birding trip on Sangihe island & Talaud island

14 Days birding in Sulawesi (Tangkoko – Dumoga Bone – Gunung Ambang – Tomohon/Gunung
Mahawu /Karaenta forest – Malino/Lompobattng forest – Luwuk/ Taima – Lore Lindu – Palu valley)

3 to 5 Days birding in the South Sulawesi (Karaenta forest – Toraja land)

7 to 12 Days combined birding in the North Sulawesi & Halmahera

5 Days Birding on Halmahera

10 Days birding in the North Moluccas. included Halmahera, Bacan island and Obi island

21 Days birding in Sulawesi & Halmahera

5 – 7 Days birding on Seram Island + Ambon

17 Days Birding in Moluccas. included Ambon, Buru island, Boano, Seram island and Kai islands.

4 – 5 Days birding in Raja Ampat & Waigeo (West Papua)

7 – 5 Days birding on Waigeo + Sorong Forest (West Papua)

12 – 17 Days Birding in West Papua. Included Mt. Arfak, Manokwari, Nembrokang, Biak, Waigeo and Sorong.

5 -7 Days birding on Borneo, Indonesian part. (Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan and Kutai National Park on eastern Kalimantan.

5 – 7 Days birding in Sumatra. Included Way Kambas National Park in Lamoung and Gunung Kerinci on West Sumatra.

14 Days Birding in Sumatra + Aceh

3 to 5 days Birding on Gunung Gede –Prangrango National Park (West Java)

7 Days Birding on Gunung Gede, Gunung Sancang/ Carita (West Java + Banten)

7 to 10 Days Birding on Gunung Gede, Gunung Halimun + Bali Barat National Park

10 to 12 Days Birding in Java & Bali (Gunung Gede, Gunung Halimun, Carita, Bali Barat and Baluran National Park.

5 – 7 Days birding in Bali Barat National Park, Crater Ijen and Baluran National Park.

3 Days birding in Bali

 15 to 17 Days Birding on Lesser Sundas. Included Timor island, Rote island, Sumba Island, Fllores and ended up on Komodo island

5 – 7 Days birding on Komodo island & Lombok.

However, We can organise a day trip as well if you are just transit from Cruise at the harbors, then bring you to birding sites nearby…

Here is our dedicated website to Birding in Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Papua, Bali, Maluku and Halmahera (