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We offer up to 21 days Wildlife watching in Indonesia such as follows:

One day to three days Watch Tarsier and Endemic monkey in Tangkoko & Dumoga Bone National Park
(North Sulawesi)

One week Watch Tarsiers in Tangkoko & Siau island

4 to 5 Days Watch Babirusa (Pig-deer), Anoa (Sulawesi dwarf-buffalo) and endemic monkey in Nantu forest (Gorontalo).

2 Days Watch Tarsier & endemic monkey in Bantimurung – Bulusaraung National Park (South Sulawesi)

3 to 5 Days Watch Tarsier and endemic Monkey in Lore Lindu National Park and Kebun Kopi (South Sulawesi)

7 to 10 Days Watch Javan Rhino in Ujung Kulon National Park (West Java + Banten)

5 to 10 Days Mammals watching on Gunung Gede, Gunung Halimun and Gunung Sancang
(West Java)

3 to 5 days Watch Sumatran Orang Utan in Gunung Leuser National Park (Bukit Lawang –North Sumatra)

4 to 5 days Watch Sumatran Rhino in Way Kambas National Park (Lampung – Sumatra)

5 to 10 days Watch Sumatran Tiger in Bukit Barisan National Park (Sumatra)

5 to 7 days Watch Bornean Orang Utan in Tanjung Puting National Park ( Central Kalimantan)

2 days Watch Whale-shark in Batubarani (Gorontalo)

2 to 5 days Watch Whale-shark and Dolphins Raja Ampat (West Papua)