Trans Sulawesi Holiday Tour

(17 Days/16 Nights)

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Palu – Central Sulawesi

Tour Highlight

We arrange a week to three weeks overland tour across Sulawesi covering Manado, snorkeling in Bunaken, hiking in Tangkoko rain forest, Gorontalo, Makassar, Mamuju, Bira Beach, Sengkang, Tana Toraja, Pendolo, Bada Valley, Lore Lindu, Gorontalo, Nantu forest, Dumoga Bone, Marisa, Ampana ,Togean islands, Palu and Donggala.

Tour Itineraries

Day 1:  Arrival in Manado – transfer to Bunaken Island
Days 2-3: Snorkeling trip or scuba diving on Bunaken Island.
Day 4: Bunaken – Manado –Tangkoko
Day 5: Batuputih – Tomohon.
Day 6: Tomohon – Manado – Fly to Makassar
Day 7: Makassar – Toraja land (via Pare-Pare)
Days 8-9: Cultural explorative tours around Toraja land
Day 10: Toraja – Tentena
Day 11: Tentena – Bada valley
Day 12: Bada valley excursion
Day 13: Bada valley – Parigi
Day 14: Parigi – Tanjung Karang beach (Donggala)
Day 15: Relaxing on the beach
Day 16: Sightseeing around Palu valley
Day 17: Tanjung Karang – Palu (transfer-out)

Day 1: Arrival in Makassar – transfer to Toraja land
Days 2-3: Cultural explorative tours around Toraja land
Day 4: Overland across Central Sulawesi – Tentena
Day 5: Tentena – Bada valley (trekking & visit stone megalith statues).
Day 6: Bada – Tuare – Moa (Trekking along grassland rain forest)
Day 7: Moa – Gimpu – Palu – Tanjung Karang beach(Trekking and overland)
Day-8: Cultural explorative tours around Palu valley – Tanjung Karang beach
Day 9: Palu – Manado – Tangkoko (fly via Makassar or Luwuk)
Day 10: Tangkoko wildlife tour
Day 11: Tangkoko – Bunaken/Siladen Island
Day 12: Bunaken leasure tour (Snorkeling or scuba diving)
Day 13: Bunaken – Tomhon (Minahasa highland cultural tour)
Day 14: Transfer-out to the airport for a flight departures home.